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SELLS SECOND HAND RAINBOW SYSTEM VACUUM CLEANER For a Cleaner, Healthier Home The Earth uses water to cleanse itself of surface dirt, airborne particulates, allergen, dust and man‐made contaminants. It washes the air and cleanses the environment in which we live and breathe. It's only natural. This works great for outside, but what about inside your home? The Rainbow Cleaning System cleans your home the most natural way possible, using The Power of Water®. It not only cleans your home… it creates a healthier living space. How it Works Aerodynamics: Air in Motion Moving air lifts dust, dirt and debris and whisks it into the Rainbow's water basin. Hydrodynamics: Water in Motion Dirt and dust are trapped in a swirling water bath. Fresh, water-washed air is returned to your home. Together, they give you a cleaner, healthier home. LEARN MORE AT RAINBOW SYSTEM CLEANING VACUUMS, FRAGRANCES & OTHER APPLIANCES SELLS SECOND HAND RAINBOW SYSTEM VACUUM CLEANER Contact me for more info at: MOB: 0432748872 EMAIL:

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